Many of us are familiar with the delightful CDs produced by the musician Val Goldsack. She uses contrasting voices (both speaking and singing) to create unique spiritual resources. They are at the same time restful and inspiring, simple and profound, providing a source for reflection and meditation which could be helpful for priests and lay people alike. A number of Val’s discs include the endearing voice of the late Fr Tony Storey, expressed in his own inimitable voice.

For me, Val’s latest disc is also her most moving. It has a very simple format, using the gentle voice of Sr Penny Roker RSM, who wrote the material, appropriate Scripture read, by Mike Nolan, and in the background, a muted compilation of music and singing by Val herself and others. What makes this disc so special are the words of Penny, as, following the fourteen Stations of the Cross, she imagines herself as someone facing terminal illness and experiencing some of the same thoughts and agonies as Jesus himself. It comes as no surprise to learn that Penny has worked in a hospice and her insights are surely inspiring and deeply touching for people at the end of their lives and especially for those caring for them: nurses, doctors and chaplains.

The CD comes with the following description:

The journey from death to life is one we must all travel. For anyone with a terminal illness or involved with the end-of-life care, retracing the stages of Jesus’ walk to Calvary has a particular poignancy. Those for whom the ‘Stations of the Cross’ are a familiar devotion will surely welcome this moving CD. More than just a prayerful devotion, it engages with the painful reality of our own dying, whenever that may be.

The CD is available from JHN liturgical music, 3 Poplars Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 6RL or online at

Annie Dove