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  • Give it up! during Lent for CAFOD

    This year, Lent Fast Day is focussing on how CAFOD partners are helping displaced people in Colombia begin a new life following years of internal conflict. Our stories feature CAFOD’s work on Economic Justice and peace building, attempting to show that by enabling and supporting people to fulfil their dreams, they become empowered to shape [...]

  • CAFOD Lent Fast Day

    Lent Fast Day will be on Friday 18th March.
    For further information, please contact David or Carol on (01904) 671767 or e-mail

  • CAFOD Action Group in Malton

    St Leonard and St Mary, Malton
    On 16th/17th October, our parish welcomed David and Carol Cross from CAFOD and Winston Berrios, an agronomist from Nicaragua who had recently visited Puentecitos, the village in El Salvador to which this parish is linked through CAFOD’s Connect2 programme.

    Winston was able to give us an insightful picture into life in [...]

  • Pakistan Floods – a chance to help

    [ Wednesday November 24, 2010; 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] The floods which hit Pakistan four months ago killed thousands and affected up to 14 million people, as well as bringing on-going misery and disease.

    Now winter is approaching and millions are still in desperate need.

    An event organised by Friends of the Earth in support of the Disaster Emergency Committee (which includes not only CAFOD, [...]

  • CAFOD launches Harvest Fast Day Appeal

    Catholic aid agency CAFOD has launched a new appeal on the eve of its Harvest Fast Day, one of the most important moments in the year for the organisation. This Harvest time, CAFOD is thanking Middlesbrough Diocese’s supporters for everything they do to support the agency’s vital work.
    Whether their gift comes in the form of [...]

  • CAFOD Pilgrimage to Holy Island – an enquiry

    Dear Friends
    I hope this email finds you all in good health and spirit. You may be aware that this year’s CAFOD Pilgrimage to Holy Island is on Saturday 3 July.
    What I’m enquiring about is to see if you feel that there may be enough interest among yourselves and parishioners to enable us to [...]

  • Thank you from CAFOD for supporting the Haiti Appeal

    Thank you for your generous donations to help people after the earthquake in Haiti. CAFOD was overwhelmed when the Catholic Community in England and Wales raised more than £4.7 million for CAFOD’s Haiti earthquake appeal. Your generous support, even at a time when some of us are struggling to make ends meet, is truly inspirational.
    [cincopa [...]

  • CAFOD Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal

    Dear Friend
    CAFOD Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal – Please hold a special collection in your parish this weekend
    People are removing rubble with their bare hands to find survivors in Haiti, where a massive earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has devastated the capital. We fear that more than three million people could be in [...]

  • Hold a Parish Vigil of Prayer

    or Holy Hour between 7 and 18 December 2009
    The UN leaders meet in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December to broker a Climate Change agreement to replace the Kyoto protocol. It’s vital that they come up with the right kind of deal that will:

    Recognise and support the right to sustainable development for people in developing [...]

  • Hundreds make a Wave for Climate Justice

    One of three thousand!
    At 11.30 am on a damp and windy Saturday morning on 24th October, 400 people made a human wave for Climate Justice around York Minster. The event led by CAFOD and supported by Christian Aid and other networks of people concerned about the impact of climate change drew people, of all ages [...]