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  • CAFOD launches Harvest Fast Day Appeal

    Catholic aid agency CAFOD has launched a new appeal on the eve of its Harvest Fast Day, one of the most important moments in the year for the organisation. This Harvest time, CAFOD is thanking Middlesbrough Diocese’s supporters for everything they do to support the agency’s vital work.
    Whether their gift comes in the form of [...]

  • ‘Sues’day’ (Hello) from Cambodia

    CAFOD’s Connect2 project offers your parish the unique opportunity to come on a journey with one of our partner communities in either Brazil, El Salvador, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh or Cambodia so that you can find out how people live their lives on a daily basis and the difference that your generosity makes. This month, we [...]

  • Act On Poverty

    In 2008/9, £5.5 billion of UK government spending went on aid whilst £29.2 billion of government spending went on bailing out Northern Rock. Yet 64 million more people are expected to be living in extreme poverty by the end of 2010 as a result of the global economic crisis.

    Behind the door of 10 Downing Street [...]

  • Connect2 Brazil: Where the dogs wear coats and the people are homeless

    In the last two editions of Middlesbrough Catholic Voice, CAFOD has focussed on its Connect2 project which gives parishes here in England and Wales the opportunity to journey alongside our partners in either El Salvador, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cambodia or Brazil. Sarah Smith-Pearse, CAFOD’s Communications Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, tells us about [...]

  • CAFOD Connect2 Bangladesh – Join us on our journey

    What do you know about Bangladesh?
    You will probably know that thousands of Bengalis now live in the UK and have made a huge contribution to our economy. And that Bangladeshi curry has become one of the UK’s favourite foods! But did you know that the Sundarbans in southern Bangladesh, which is home to the endangered [...]

  • ‘Where do you live? – Come and see’! John 1:38-39

    ‘John was standing with two of his disciples, when he saw Jesus walking by. ‘There is the Lamb of God!’ he said. The two disciples heard him say this and went with Jesus. Jesus turned, saw them following him and asked ‘What are looking for?’ They answered ‘Where do you live Rabbi?’ ‘Come and see [...]

  • CAFOD Pilgrimage to Holy Island – an enquiry

    Dear Friends
    I hope this email finds you all in good health and spirit. You may be aware that this year’s CAFOD Pilgrimage to Holy Island is on Saturday 3 July.
    What I’m enquiring about is to see if you feel that there may be enough interest among yourselves and parishioners to enable us to [...]

  • Thank you from CAFOD for supporting the Haiti Appeal

    Thank you for your generous donations to help people after the earthquake in Haiti. CAFOD was overwhelmed when the Catholic Community in England and Wales raised more than £4.7 million for CAFOD’s Haiti earthquake appeal. Your generous support, even at a time when some of us are struggling to make ends meet, is truly inspirational.
    [cincopa [...]

  • Faith in Action

    I am struck by the thought that life is changing all around us all of the time. Some changes will have repercussions for us, like the forthcoming general election. Will there be a new party in government? What will their priorities be for the future of Great Britain and of other nations around the world? [...]

  • Is your parish ready to get Connected?

    From April, parishes in England and Wales will be able to connect to one of CAFOD’s partner communities in one of six countries: El Salvador, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Bangladesh or Cambodia. For the first time, your parish will be able to hear from people in these partner communities about the difference your support is making [...]