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  • Having Faith in Politics and Business

    [ Saturday October 16, 2010; ] Our country is facing testing times and whilst there is a great deal of anxiety about the economy and cuts there is also the promise of a new form of Government through Coalition.

    Catholic social teaching is not as well-known today as it should be. If it were better known, Catholics would be more encouraged to [...]

  • Not Gone But Forgotten

    The Red Cross report “Not gone, but forgotten” has recently been released. It focuses on the severe poverty asylum seekers in the UK find themselves, as they struggle to find food and shelter. We do not have to look to the Third World to find refugees who need our support. They are living here amongst [...]

  • Prayers and Support urgently needed for Anselme!

    New removal directions have been set for Anselme Noumbiwa, the Cameroonian Christian who fled in fear of his life for refusing to follow his tribal custom by entering into polygamous marriages. He is now due to be deprted on 28th April.
    We would like to ask you to pray for Anselme – the personification of Obedience [...]

  • The Sanctuary Pledge

    Britain has a proud history of providing sanctuary to people fleeing from persecution and tyranny. Our tradition has been part of what makes Britain great. However, that tradition is under threat. In recent years providing sanctuary for people has become a political football. Yet over two-thirds of the public still think it is important that [...]

  • Oscar Romero and Carmel

    On Saturday 6th March the Carmilite Spirituality Group meets to look at the topic of “Oscar Romero and Carmel”, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the martyrdom of this Archbishop of El Salvador. A presentation on Romero’s life and witness will be given by Julian Filochowski, Chair of the Archbishop Romero Trust. This meeting [...]

  • Harvest Fast Day Urgent Appeal

    [ Friday October 2, 2009; Saturday October 24, 2009; 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. ] CAFOD says, global financial crisis is increasing world hunger. This Harvest, one billion people will be living with hunger. Catholic aid agency CAFOD warns the global financial crisis is pushing already poverty-stricken people over the edge. As Harvest approaches, parishes and schools around the Diocese will be holding special events and collections to mark CAFOD’s [...]

  • The MTF Harvest Appeal 2009

    The Mary Thompson Fund, of which Bishop Terry is a patron, exists to support refugees and people seeking asylum in the Tees Valley. The need is very great with refused asylum seekers in particular experiencing all too real homelessness and destitution. At harvest time, when food and necessities such as toiletries are being collected from [...]

  • Some Sanctuary Success

    August 2009’s edition of Catholic Voice reported on the “Walk for Justice” on July 9th, an event organised by Tees Valley Citizens for Sanctuary, an alliance of faith, refugee and citizen groups. The walk highlighted concerns for people who are seeking sanctuary and who have no money, or very little money, having to walk from [...]