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  • Meeting Pope Benedict

    It was a case of the smallest shall be first and the tallest shall be last when Middlesbrough’s own Annie Hunter came face to face with Pope Benedict.
    One young person from each diocese in England and Wales was chosen for the unique gathering on the steps of Westminster Cathedral after Mass on Saturday morning. [...]

  • Reflection on the Visit of Pope Benedict XVI

    to the British Isles 16-19 September 2010
    by Bishop Terry Drainey
    “The Pope has got to address the state of the Catholic Church in the British Isles.”
    It is said that less people than expected will attend the events during the Papal Visit.”
    The Pope comes to Britain under the shadow of the clerical child abuse scandals; he has [...]

  • Papal Visit Begins

    This morning Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in Scotland at the beginning of his state visit to the United Kingdom.
    Applications for tickets for all events during the visit are now closed.

  • Watch the Papal Visit live

    If you have a computer and an internet connection, you will be able to watch the Holy Father’s visit to the UK live and in full online at www.thepapalvisit.org.uk.
    With just a week to go until Pope Benedict arrives in the UK, a new section on the official Papal Visit website has been launched where [...]

  • The Papal Visit Events Timeline

    The Events Timeline for the Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to England and Scotland can be seen at

  • The Official Papal Visit web site

    The official web site for the Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to England and Wales can be seen at www.thepapalvisit.org.uk

    Not only does the site contain information about Pope benedict and the itinerary of his visit, but it also contains information about the Catholic faith, Cardinal John Henry Newman (who is to be beatified by Pope [...]

  • The Big Assembly

    ‘The Big Assembly’ is the name given to the Holy Father’s Visit to St Mary’s University College, Twickenham on 17th September 2010 to celebrate Catholic education.

    Catholic schools have a strong tradition of working with the community, whether that be in their parish, their local town or city, or reaching out even further afield. This community [...]

  • www.papalvisitstore.com

    The theme for Pope Benedict XVI’s 2010 visit to the UK is Cor ad cor loquitur – ‘Heart speaks unto heart’.
    Cardinal John Henry Newman chose the words as the motto to go on his coat of arms. ‘Heart speaks unto heart’ is a fitting choice for this papal visit as, on the final day [...]

  • Follow the Papal Visit photostream on Flickr

    To celebrate Pope Benedict XVI’s 2010 to Scotland and England, a Flickr group has been started to share images not just of the Pope but of anything connected to the visit.

    Click here to join the Flickr photo stream for the Papal Visit.

  • The Papal Visit on Facebook

    There is an official Facebook page for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United Kingdom.

    The Facebook page contains photos of, and information and discussions about, the Visit of the Holy Father to England and Scotland from 16-19 September 2010.