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  • Bishop Terry visits Young Offenders for Easter Day

    Bishop Terry visited Her Majesty’s Young Offenders Institution Deerbolt, Barnard Castle, on Easter Sunday morning to join Prison Chaplain, Fr Patrick Cope, in celebrating the Easter Day Mass.

    During Mass the Bishop also received into the Church Darren, 19 years old – baptizing and confirming him. At the end of the Mass, Bishop Terry very movingly [...]

  • The Church Behind Bars

    Wednesday 24th March saw Fr Patrick Cope return to St Bernadette’s, Nunthorpe, where some 28 years ago he served as Deacon, in order to speak to the Cleveland Newman Circle on The Church Behind Bars. As the Bishop’s Adviser on Prisons and HM Prison Service North East Regional Chaplain, he was able to give a [...]

  • Roman Catholic Prison Chaplains

    Many people in prison need more help and support, at this time in their lives, than at any other.
    Roman Catholic Chaplains work to ensure the Sacramental and Pastoral needs of Roman Catholic prisoners are met. As a Chaplain you will carry out faith specific and generic duties, within a multi-Faith team, taking part [...]