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  • Easter Sunday 2009

    12 April 2009 Sacred Heart Middlesbrough “Seeing is believing”. It’s something that we can take for granted surely? It’s a phrase that we use quite a lot to put an end to an argument or to force a point home. After pronouncing this magic formula, the spell is cast and all can rest in certainty. […]

  • Holy Saturday Vigil, 2009

    11 April 2009 Middlesbrough Cathedral We have travelled a long way this evening. We have come from the first day of creation up to this present moment via the Red Sea and the Exodus, through the promises of the prophets of a blessed future all guaranteed by the creative and certain Word of God which […]

  • Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 2009

    9 April 2009 Christ is our salvation, our life and resurrection. It is through his cross we are saved and made free. With confidence in his loving mercy we turn to him and ask mercy and pardon. Lord, we call on your name. Lord, have mercy. You are good to us. Christ, have mercy. You […]

  • Mass of Chrism, 2009

    7 April 2009 At our baptism we were made part of God’s priestly people and we were called by the Son to serve his God and Father in the power of the Spirit. Trusting in his mercy, we confess our sins to the Lord. You are the Rock who saves us. Lord, have mercy. Your […]

  • Palm Sunday 2009

    5 April 2009 Middlesbrough Cathedral A question that I have been asking myself and also posing to the young people of the diocese throughout the whole of Lent is the question that Jesus asked Peter and the other disciples in chapter eight of St Mark’s Gospel; “Who do you say I am?” The disciples had […]

  • Ash Wednesday 2009

    25 February 2009 I have never had much love for Wednesdays. It always seems too far into the week to remember what happened last weekend, and it is just not near enough to next weekend to feel good about! I don’t like the end of February or early March either for the same sort of […]

  • Lourdes Mass, Hull

    8 February 2009 Fifth Sunday of the Year (B) Introduction It is good to be here today with you to celebrate the Mass and to remember God’s great gift to us in the apparitions of Our Blessed Lady at Lourdes to St Bernadette. The Gospel tells us of the healing message of the Good News […]

  • Jubilee Mass of Mary Ward

    29 January 2009 York Minster If you take my word to heart, you will discover the knowledge of God. Like the earthenware jar you will bring the glory of the face of Christ to many and then you will be happy, you will be blessed, even though some will consider you poor and of little […]

  • Christmas Midnight Mass

    December 2008 Middlesbrough Cathedral One of the things I love about Christmas is to be able to settle down to a really enjoyable film. I am a great Indiana Jones’ fan. I know it is old hat, but my favourite is “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. It combines the typical themes of all Indy’s films; […]