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  • AOS Pilgrimage to Holy Island

    Feast of SS Peter and Paul, 28 June 2008 ‘Now I know it is all true’ he said. ‘The Lord really did send his angel and has saved me from Herod and from all that the Jewish people were so certain would happen to me.’ When things go wrong, when troubles come along, when sickness […]

  • Blessing and Laying of the Foundation Stone at Wass

    27 June 2008 The Lord is the living stone, a precious cornerstone, a keystone, a rock. These phrases are used frequently in the scriptures and you have chosen today to reflect this idea in all three pericopes. Strong and protecting, lasting and faithful, surprising source of life and that which holds life together; for a […]

  • Mass at Salford Cathedral

    13 June 2008 It is good to be here with you this evening celebrating, on this feast of St Anthony, God’s saving message and proclaiming the presence of his kingdom by our unity and joy. Celebration, unity, joy – these are three important traits of being a Christian. They always have been, but they are […]

  • Mass of Thanksgiving for the Catenian Association

    Middlesbrough Cathedral, 7 June 2008 Here is a list of generous men whose good works have not been forgotten. In their descendants there remains a rich inheritance born of them. Their descendants stand by the covenants and thanks to them, so do their children’s children. Today we gather to give thanks and praise to Almighty […]

  • Mass at the English College, Valladolid

    Valladolid, 3 June 2008 All is grace, all is gift, the most precious things we possess in our lives, generally speaking, are things which we were given in the first place – our very life and being, our most important and sustaining relationships, all that gives meaning and direction to our lives – all are […]

  • Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage – Closing Mass

    29 May 2008 We come together for our final Pilgrimage Mass and we gather in a spirit of thanksgiving to Almighty God for all the great and wonderful things he has done for us on this Pilgrimage. We take a moment to count our blessings. For the times we have not appreciated God’s goodness to […]

  • Mass in the Mountains – Lourdes

    28 May 2008 It is very hard for us to believe that we mean so much to the Lord, so much that he died for each one of us. But there is something even more difficult to believe, that every human being is equally dear to him. As we begin this Mass, we pray that […]

  • Mass of Anointing – Lourdes

    27 May 2008 I can remember as a child walking past a toy shop near our house and seeing a chemistry set. It intrigued me, fascinated me – all the different chemicals with strange sounding names and the mysterious glass bottles and instruments. I wanted that Chemistry Set so badly. It was now September or […]

  • Bicentennial of Ushaw College, Durham

    Feast of Corpus Christi – 25 May 2008 Today we celebrate the great feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to the date, 25th May, it also happens to be the feast of Bede the Venerable who was born, lived out his life and died not too far […]