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  • Good Shepherd Sunday 2012

    Bishop Terry Writes… Dear brothers and sisters, I hope all of us can say we have had in our lives some experience of unconditional love: from our parents, a grandparent, from significant people in our lives. Perhaps it will have been from a priest, a religious sister or brother. As we look back, our gratitude […]

  • Marriage

    Bishop Terry Writes… Recently you will have seen, heard and read much about the “consultation” the Government is holding in order to change the legal definition of marriage so as to open the institution of marriage to same sex partnerships. You will also have listened to the Pastoral Letter sent out on behalf of all […]

  • Lent

    Bishop Terry Writes… I am told that the word “Lent” comes from an Old English word “lenten” which is an early version of our modern word “lengthen”. The lengthening referred to in this context is the hours of daylight as we move out of Winter into Spring. With the advent of electricity and then abundant […]

  • Year of Faith

    Bishop Terry Writes… The Holy Father has asked that the Universal Church should celebrate a ‘Year of Faith’ beginning on 11th October this year and lasting until 23rd November 2013, the Feast of Jesus Christ, Universal King. There are many reasons why he has asked us to do this, but in particular it is 50 […]

  • July 2011

    During the last few weeks it has been good to welcome parts of the Church Universal into our diocese. Just before leaving for Lourdes I was able to welcome Archbishop Zacheus Okoth from the diocese of Kisumu in Western Kenya. I had worked in Archbishop Okoth’s diocese for six years in the late eighties and […]

  • June 2011

    At this time, I ask you to pray especially to pray for vocations. However, I would like you to remember that we have four seminarians training at the moment. Two are completing their propaedeutic year at the English college in Valladolid, Spain. Two will be transferring from Ushaw to Oscott in September. We also have […]