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  • 15th Sunday of the Year (B)

    Saint Joseph’s, Pickering 12th July 2009 Isn’t it amazing how when things go badly we immediately turn to God and pray for all we are worth. We can sail through life, just getting on with the ordinary day to day things, not giving too much thought to God’s providential guidance, generosity and goodness. Most of […]

  • The Postgate Rally 2009

    Egton Bridge 5 July 2009 As we remember and commemorate Blessed Nicholas Postgate and the Martyrs of England and Wales, I can say that my life has been surrounded by, associated with and inspired by the Martyrs of England and Wales. Our diocese of Middlesbrough has never lacked saints and martyrs to inspire, guard and […]

  • Feast of SS Peter and Paul

    for XT3 180 seconds June 2009 You can’t give what you haven’t got. It is a simple truth that most of us live by. If we don’t have the faith we can’t pass it on. Jesus asks a simple straightforward question in the gospel, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” Only Peter […]

  • Blessing of the Cemetery

    at Stanbrook Abbey, Crief Farm, Wass 25 June 2009 Lord, by your cross and resurrection you have set us free. You are the Saviour of the world We are called to be part of God’s priestly, prophetic and royal people. We know that; we take it for granted. It should underpin everything that we do, […]

  • Diaconate Ordination

    of Marc Lyden-Smith, John Moriarty, and Séan O’Brien Ushaw College – 19 June 2009 For years now, you have been wondering if you had a vocation. Sometimes certain; other times, not so sure, you continued to listen, to pray, to discern, to test yourself and allow yourself to be tested by others. I suspect that […]

  • The Feast of Corpus Christi

    13/14 June 2009 Introduction Our celebration of this Eucharist is a sign of Christ’s sacrifice: the one, eternal sacrifice which brings us salvation. In this celebration we find unity and peace. With grateful hearts we come before the Lord. Lord, we are your servants. Lord, have mercy We call on your name. Christ, have mercy. […]