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  • Pastoral Letter for Lent 2012

    Dear sisters and brothers Where would we be without adverts? Our world is peppered with them. Turn but a corner and your eyes are bombarded with them. Flick the switch and your senses are flooded with them. Enter any shopping Mall and your ears are blasted by them. As soon as you get to an […]

  • Podcast of Bishop Terry’s Pastoral Letter for Lent 2010

    Use the link below to listen to Bishop Terry reading his Pastoral Letter for Lent 2010

  • Pastoral Letter for Lent 2009

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ I suspect many of you followed the election of the President of the United States? No matter what you think of the outcome, it was certainly an important event and one which in some ways will affect all of us. There is another election coming, but I don’t […]

  • First Sunday of Lent 2008

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ With cheap flights so easily available nowadays, most of us feel duty-bound to make use of them. People think nothing of jetting off to Dublin or Paris for a weekend. What was once considered exotic is now common-place – Thailand, The Gambia, Australia, New Zealand, New York – people […]