How is the ‘Celebrating Family Project’ being taken forward in our Diocese?

Funding a Project Worker

photo of Caroline DollardA generous anonymous donor has enabled many of the Dioceses in England and Wales to employ a part-time Project worker.

In November, the Bishop appointed Caroline Dollard to take on this work in our Diocese, promoting the ethos and themes of ‘Celebrating Family’ over a 3-year period.

Caroline is meeting people across the diocese, very much building on the commitment of many who have worked over the years in support of family life, hoping to create a strong network of relationships.

There are 3 phases to the Project:

Year One: Everybody’s Welcome – to develop further welcoming, family-friendly, sensitive parishes. The challenge is to build highly loving supportive communities within our parishes for all of us, including our families.

Year Two: Home is a Holy Place – to recognise and celebrate the holiness of ordinary every-day life at home, and the presence of God in all loving family relationships. A broader understanding of marital and family spirituality among both clergy and laity will be fundamental to the success of any future work by the church in support of family life.

Year Three: Passing on the Faith – helping parents and grandparents pass on faith in God to their children and grandchildren. Parents expressed a need for more help in raising their children in the Faith, both in terms of deepening their own understanding and being able to integrate it into the life of the home.

The key to this project: working together – can you help?

Working together, respecting grass-roots life in parishes is vital – so Caroline is on the look- out for enthusiastic co-workers! At each phase of the Project, we need ‘animators’, with gifts and talents, both practical and pastoral, across the parishes. Might you be such a person? Could your priest nominate you or someone else in your parish? Is this something you would consider? Do you have a specific area of interest or concern? Read on and see what catches your imagination. Come to an Information Evening. Contact Caroline direct on

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