Learning to Listen! Training Available


Listening in an atmosphere of welcome, acceptance and trust, in a school, parish or other group setting – with no expectations or judgments – is something we can offer one another in our all-too-busy lives.

Do you ever really feel listened to? Or does the listener jump in asking questions, or giving their own opinion, or making judgment or giving advice? What about your own listening to others?

We can offer training in a particular way of listening that is effective and powerful – it has been developed over many years by the Acorn Healing Trust. This four session course will enable participants to listen more effectively.

  • It is safe
  • Easy to learn
  • Non-directive
  • Allow the speaker to set the agenda, not the listener

If you would like to have a course in your parish, school or deanery, or with a particular group, please contact Caroline Dollard (01347 868340) or Jane Cook (01642 850505)

The next listening training course led by Caroline & Jane will take place in Bridlington in the Autumn.

Cost: £20 per person (it is essential that you attend all 4 sessions)

Bookings: Sue Paterson (01642 850505) or email reception@dioceseofmiddlesbrough.co.uk


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