National Marriage Week

  • photo taken at a wedding

National Marriage Week (8-14th February 2010) is a platform to encourage people to reflect on and celebrate marriage.

A week-long opportunity for couples to reflect on their relationship, the joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, achievements and disappointments.

A time for the parish community to reflect on their role to support couples, and create an atmosphere that helps marriages to thrive.

Ideas to mark the week

How about a social event to celebrate marriage?

  • A ‘pub quiz’ – with rounds like ‘How do I love thee – in different languages, Match the famous couples, quote unquote – who said what? What sang what? Couples in film and literature (see for this and other ideas)
  • On Sunday 14th February, Valentine’s Day, for couples to renew their marriage vows after the Gospel and Homily at Mass today
  • Special prayers for engaged and married couples
  • Take a collection for on e of the organisations that support marriage
  • Send a card to everyone married in the church in the last 12 months – invite them to 14th Feb Mass!
  • Have a fresh look at the parish provision for marriage preparation
  • Enjoy the week!


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