Message from the Director of Schools - July 2013

Quite a year....

As we come to the end of the academic year I wanted to reflect on what has been a very busy, challenging and for the high number of schools saying goodbye to their head teacher this year an emotional time for Catholic education in the Diocese. Since September 2012, 11 Diocesan schools have said goodbye to their Head Teacher, who between them share 150 years of Catholic headship experience. It is impossible to capture in a few words the tremendous contribution they have made to Catholic education in the Diocese so I simply say ‘thank you’. Your legacy can be seen in the wonderful young people you have supported and nurtured in the belief of the Catholic faith over many years and the love and affection in which they still hold you. I am pleased to say that the new inspection framework both in Ofsted section 5 and the Diocesan section 48 has been seen as an opportunity to validate a schools own self-evaluation of their performance rather than a  threat of ‘inspectors descending upon the school!’. The comparative picture for on Section 5 and Section 48 position from 2011/12 and this year is shown below

Section 5 Judgements

Judgement 2011/12 2012/13
Outstanding 16 schools (30%) 16 schools (30%)
Good 20 schools (37%) 28 schools (52%)
Requires Improvement 17 schools (31%) 8 schools (14%)
Serious Weakness No schools 1 school 2%)
Special Measures 1 school (2%) 1 school (2%)
The positive picture shows an increase in the percentage of good and outstanding schools from 67% in 2011/12 to 82% this year.

Section 48 judgements 

Judgement 2011/12 2012/13
Outstanding 17 schools (32%) 17 schools (32%)
Good 31 schools (57%) 30 schools (56%)
Requires Improvement 5 schools (9%) 4 schools (7%)
Inadequate 1 school (2%) 3 school (5%)
Despite the inspection bar being considerably raised for Section 48 this year, 88% of Diocesan schools remain judged to be good or outstanding. Having visited all 56 schools in the Diocese I would again like to thank everybody for the warm welcome I have received since taking up post and for the inspirational work our schools undertake every day.  Your support to the Diocese in meeting our mission of making God known to all is greatly appreciated and the children and families you serve are fortunate to have such dedicated and hardworking schools supporting them. Enjoy your well-deserved summer break and I look forward to working together again in the next academic year.

Kevin Duffy

Director of Schools

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