Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Excellence in Hull School

    St Mary Queen of Martyrs RC Primary School is celebrating their excellent Key Stage 2 SATs results. It was announced today that the school is at the top of the league table in Hull. Finola Barron, who is in her fifth year as headteacher at the school, said ‘The reason we have done so well […]

  • Ampleforth Musicians on the Road

    Ampleforth College musicians have been busy touring during the last few weeks. The two choirs of the Abbey Church, the Schola Cantorum and the Schola Puellarum, and members of the Ampleforth Highlanders’ Pipe Band travelled to London to perform with students and staff from the other English Benedictine Schools in a celebratory Concert held in […]

  • Memories of St Pius X School

    After reading the article in the Catholic Voice about St Pius X School, I thought the following information might be of interest to your readers. Ann Johnston (deceased), Michelle Bartliff and Marie Clapperton and their brother, John McDermott, were pupils of St Pius X. As you will realise, the girls were married at St Pius […]