Ampleforth students and staff enjoyed tremendous success in the recent national Para’s 10 races held at Catterick Barracks on 13th September. The girls were represented by Anna Gould, Philippa Basselet von la Rosee and their games teacher, Nicola Horn. The girls competed in a 10 mile endurance run over multi-terrain which is regularly used in Para training.

photo of runners

The timings achieved were;

  • Anna Gould who came in 44th with a time of 1:13.36
  • Philippa Basselet de la Rosee 103rd with a time of 1:19.38
  • Nicola Horn 142nd with a time of 1:22.22

The qualifying time for the Parachute Regiment and Airbourne Forces to achieve is 1:50.00!! A remarkable achievement for the ladies!

Four boys and two Masters competed in an even tougher race. The 10 mile ‘P’ Company Cross Country Route, carrying a Bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lbs (excluding food and water) and wearing military style boots. The rucksacks were weighed both before and after the race by officials. Once again the Paratroopers Company Selection cut off time is 1hr 50 minutes. All Ampleforth competitors achieved times well below the Para’s qualification time:

  • James Channer came 47th in a time of 1:29.52 and was awarded the individual Alex Fairley Memorial Trophy for the best U19 time
  • Angus Duncan was placed 199th with a time of 1:42.08
  • Digby Walker achieved a time of 1:48.00
  • Hugo Mann achieved a time of 2:06:25, 10 minutes under the qualification time

The winning time was 1:16:11.

Mr Brendan Anglim (a teacher of Design Technology and House Parent) and Mr Matthew Torrens Burton (teacher of Classics and EFL) achieved timings of 1:35.16 and 1:36.14 respectively. This is a tremendous achievement in what is a national event with many serving members of HM forces competing.

One of the Parachute Regiment members commented on the day “No amount of encouragement can make a man drive himself to his limits”. Mr Torrens-Burton commenting on the achievement said ìThe boys and girls achieved what they did through their own drive, determination and levels of fitness. They have only themselves to credit for their individual astounding performances. They trained hard and put in huge levels of commitment. They are a credit to Ampleforth College and fine examples to their fellow students. The students were sponsored to run the race for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’ which helps to support ex-servicemen in this area and nationally’. Anyone wishing to donate can do so by visiting the following web address: