Christ The King Primary School is an outstanding Catholic school with a clear Christian improvement ethos which underpins:

  • the teaching of Religious Education that is well resourced, carefully planned, effectively delivered and realistically assessed
  • the provision of and participation in excellent Collective Worship in a wide variety of contexts
  • the general Catholic life of the school which is vibrant and welcoming.

This arises from the outstanding leadership qualities of the school leaders who have a very clear shared vision of what they want their school to be and an equally clear picture of the current strengths and future challenges for the school through their rigorous school self evaluation. This knowledge has ensured that the issues that arose in the last inspection concerning the efficacy of some aspects of the teaching of Religious Education have been thoroughly addressed and there are effective strategies planned to continue developments in the teaching of Religious Education. This also points towards the school’s outstanding capacity for sustained improvement in its current circumstances.

Pupils are lively and interested in their learning. Their behaviour is excellent and they show respect and good manners towards their peers and the adults who care for and about them.

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