Lydia Bramhall (13) of St Martin’s Ampleforth Prep School has won the senior section of the Simon Beaufoy Creative Writing Competition with her short story entitled ‘The Ghost Ship’. As well as a trophy, Lydia was presented with a fountain pen, books and a cheque for £50.00. ‘I was excited and very nervous, because, as I had won, I had to read my story to the whole audience’ said Lydia.

This annual competition is keenly contested by Prep schools from all over the country, eager to share in the excitement of creative writing. Perhaps they are inspired by the association with award-winning screenplay writer, Simon Beaufoy (of ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame) who was himself a pupil at Malsis Prep School, who host the event. The competition is held in honour of his achievements.

Altogether, three pupils from St Martin’s Ampleforth School were invited to the presentation event as finalists. Abigail Dore (13) wrote a story entitled ‘The Debt’. Abigail said ‘I really enjoy writing stories and this competition has made me want to write more’. Elizabeth Dore (9) was also shortlisted for her story about a knight, which was called ‘The Dragon that had no fire’.