St Gabriel Primary, Ormesby

St Gabriel's Primary

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School Allendale Road Ormesby, TS7 9LF Phone: 01642 315538 Fax: 01642 304420

Headteacher: Mrs M.B. Ryan

Average number on roll: 182; plus 26 Place Nursery

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from St Gabriel Primary, Ormesby

  • St Gabriel’s RC Primary School, Ormesby – latest news

    Life is very busy at St Gabriel’s!!!
    Some lucky children in our school were privileged to visit Twickenham to see our Holy Father. They talked about their experiences in assembly to the whole school and a beautiful display was created.
    Our PTA has worked tirelessly to raise funds to extend our trim trail. It is now complete [...]

  • We Are One Body

    Last month, Sacred Heart in Redcar was the scene of a true demonstration of what it means to be ‘One Body in Christ’ as pupils and students from eight different schools and colleges joined together for a day of rehearsal and two nights of performance of contemporary Christian music.
    The young people and their teachers [...]

  • Seeing Pope Benedict at the Big Assembly

    On Thursday 16th September, we went to St Mary’s Cathedral to catch our coach to London. After about six hours on the coach, we finally arrived at the Thistle Hotel near Heathrow Airport. I shared a room with Fenton and Lowan from Sacred Heart School. The dining room was very big and posh and it [...]

  • An Amazing Day

    Pope Benedict said, ‘God wants your friendship, and once you enter into a friendship with God, everything begins to change.’

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