St Margaret Clitherow Primary, South Bank

St Margaret Clitherow's Catholic Primary

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School St Margaret's Grove South Bank, TS6 6TA Phone: 01642 835370 Fax: 01642 453103 Visit Website

Headteacher: Mrs N. Jamalezadeh

Average number on roll: 255

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from St Margaret Clitherow Primary, South Bank

  • We Are One Body

    Last month, Sacred Heart in Redcar was the scene of a true demonstration of what it means to be ‘One Body in Christ’ as pupils and students from eight different schools and colleges joined together for a day of rehearsal and two nights of performance of contemporary Christian music.
    The young people and their teachers [...]

  • A Wonderful School

    St Margaret Clitherow’s School is celebrating a very special double distinction this term. Both the OFSTED inspection and the Diocesan Inspection of Religious Education, Collective Worship and Catholic Life of the School have adjudged the school to be outstanding.

    OFSTED stated that ‘This is an outstanding school. Pupils make excellent progress in their seven years in [...]

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