St Vincent VA Academy (P)

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from St Vincent VA Academy, Hull

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    All of my 3 children attended St Vincents. Their father is catholic. I wasnt brought up a catholic and in 1982 I was a sceptic but I went along to a meeting with Mike Garvey, and also with other heads at the time of other local schools,as I was brought up in a Methodist church(Trafalgar Street) which I attended for 20 years.I was instantly inpressed and agreed with my husbands wishes. As far as my childrens education goes-its the best decision I have ever made!! They all went on to St Mary’s and received the BEST EDUCATION EVER. Through attending just about every event in the St Vincents calendar it became a very important part of my life and I feel very fortunate that I had become involved through my children. They are now 28,22 and 18. St Vincents is a wonderful school. I used to call it a village school but in a City!!

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