Are you or someone you know troubled by abuse?

We are here to help

The Diocese of Middlesbrough safeguarding team is available by calling

01642 850505

Alternatively, you can email us at

Our staff will do all they can to listen to you and support you to find the help you need. You can speak to them without giving your personal details.

If you have been abused in childhood the prospect of speaking out now may be frightening.

You may feel…

  • Your concerns might not be taken seriously
  • You might not be believed
  • It could cause problems for your family
  • You are ashamed of what has happened
  • Afraid you will be blamed
  • It may damage your relationships in the Church

You are not to blame for what happened to you. You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously and acted upon as necessary.

The Diocese of Middlesbrough is working with York-based charity Survive, which is the only specialist organisation of this kind working solely with survivors of sexual abuse.

The support Survive counsellors offer is confidential and people can access it directly and without coming through the diocese or via referral through the diocesan safeguarding coordinator.

They can offer support in any part of the country or internationally and can be contacted on 01904 638813, email or visit

If you would like further information, please contact Survive or the safeguarding coordinator Mick Walker on 01642 850505.

The Diocese of Middlesbrough Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Co-ordinator – Mick Walker

Clergy lead – Deacon Peter Warren

Safeguarding Support Manager – Mo Hunter

Administration Assistants – Patti Wieczorek and Sue Bullivant

Safeguarding Office,
Curial Offices,
50A The Avenue,
Telephone: 01642 850505

The Safeguarding Team is available to provide advice, support whenever it is needed. During office hours we can be contacted on 01642 850505.

If you believe that a child or vulnerable person is in immediate danger you should call the police.

We are also responsible for the safe recruitment of volunteers in the diocese. This system is largely managed by parish safeguarding representatives who will provide the necessary forms for those who take responsibility for or who have significant regular contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Any enquiries about the recruitment process of the Disclosure and Barring Service should be addressed to the office by calling 01642 850505.

The diocese works within national guidelines. These can be viewed on the website of the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service,

Safeguarding Commission

Our work is overseen by a Safeguarding Commission which includes representatives from the police, probation service, children’s safeguarding specialists, Circles of Support and Accountability and church representatives including parish safeguarding representatives. The chair of the commission is Dr Dianne Swiers.


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