There will be workshops, prayer, art and more at the Scripture Festival in York on Saturday May 12.

“Joy: the Surprise of the Gospel” will take place at All Saints School to raise the profile of the Scriptures in creative ways.

The theme of Joy has been chosen to reflect the time of Pentecost when the festival will take place but also the appealing message of Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel.

The event is aiming to develop ways of applying Scripture to our whole life and enable them to be a catalyst for further engagement with the Bible.

Festival organiser Fleur Dorrell said: “We want to do it in a fun and accessible way, so that people don’t think reading the Bible is a burden, time-consuming or not interesting.

“We’re trying to break barriers down. We want people to think the Bible is interesting beyond going to Mass. It’s for every day, not just for Sunday.

“This event can be for the whole family if they want to come.”

The keynote speaker will be Father Eamonn Mulcahy, who has served as a priest since 1980.

Father Eamonn, who has led spiritual retreats to priests, religious and lay-people all around the world, will offer insight into how the Scriptures bring joy and hope.

There will not only be opportunities for Bible study but also to respond to the text in words, art and prayer, as well as celebrating through liturgy and music.

There will be a series of hands-on workshops throughout the day, including art and scripture, scripture and song, scripture and Mary, Lectio Divina and a drama workshop with Blazing Grannies.

There will also be workshops on gifts of the spirit, post-resurrection narratives, scripture and iconography, and scripture and families.

As well as the workshops, static prayer stations for reflection and inspiration, a small art exhibition from local schools and a scripture wall for prayer and meditation.

The festival is being organised collaboratively by diocesan advisers, members of religious orders and the Scripture Working Group of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

The day will begin with coffee and a welcome from Canon John Lumley between 10am and 10.30am and people can come and go as they please throughout the day.

A small contribution of £5 per person is requested to help fund the festival.

Northern Scripture Festival Booking Form

A coach to York has been organised from St Thomas Aquinas Church for anyone from the Darlington area who wishes to attend the festival. Please contact Karen at if you would like to join them.

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