Parishioners in Redcar
Work Underway For Missionary Disciples

The parish of Blessed Nicholas Postgate in Redcar has begun its Missionary Discipleship journey.

Around 30 people attended the two initial meetings where Carole Bennett and Sarah Bowmaker gave a short introduction by sharing what had happened at Bishop Terry’s study day, when Father Eamonn Mulcahy addressed more than 200 priests, deacons and laypeople from across the diocese.

His message was that through our baptism we are all sent to be missionary disciples wherever we find ourselves. He said we need to accept Christ’s invitation to become missionary disciples in missionary parishes and a missionary diocese, with more and more parishioners taking ownership of parish life and work in proclaiming the Good News. Many parishes around the diocese are following up on this in all kinds of ways.

In Redcar, Carole and Sarah were encouraged by Canon Derek Turnham to get the process going. All three churches in the parish were represented and people got down to the task of doing a SWOT analysis, working in groups to look at the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities presenting themselves as the parish moves forward.

This was followed up by a further meeting exploring how their analysis fits into the celebration of the liturgy, proclamation of the Word, the parish and the local community. This work will continue into the New Year and culminate in a plan owned by the parish forward. Watch this space – and tell us about what you’re doing in your parish!

David Cross, Adult Formation Coordinator

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