World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is not unusual today to hear people profess that although they are spiritual they are not religious.  Or to declare that they have faith but do not have anything to do with the Church or churches.  Whereas we are about to stand and... read more

Pastoral Letter for The First Sunday of Lent 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers, How many times have I heard myself saying something like, “If only I had listened properly in the first place, I wouldn’t find myself in such a mess?”  I could be halfway through what at first seemed to be a very straight forward operation,... read more

Feast of the Holy Family 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters, They say that marriages are made in heaven. I tried to find the origin of this quote but did not get very far. However, I thought that on the Feast of the Holy Family and in the light of the October Synod, it would be opportune to turn our... read more

Pastoral Letter for 1st Sunday of Advent 2015

Dear Sister and Brothers, As we listen to the words of the readings at Mass they help us to reflect on God’s overwhelming, merciful love for us. Like Judah and Israel of old, he will save us and make us dwell in confidence.  We know that the words of the psalm are... read more