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Although our churches are not currently able to open for the public celebration of Mass, many of our parishes live stream their Masses online. You can find a compilation of these parishes by clicking this link:


Middlesbrough Diocese

We have been greatly blessed in this part of the world in so many ways. From the beautiful geography of the region, to the saints and martyrs who have given great witness. The great abbeys and religious foundations of history to our present day communities which in so many different ways give glory to God by their actions, approach and attitude to life. We have only to look around us to see something of the ‘thumbprint of God’ in our diocese.

Lectio Divina

All you need is a Bible!

‘The God Who Speaks’ is the theme chosen for this ‘Year of the Word’ which we are currently in. How curious that it has become a year which for many of us has become an opportunity for more quiet and reflection.

Below is a quick summary of the process known as Lectio Divina or ‘Divine Reading’ during which we ponder Holy Scripture and listen to what the Lord is saying to us through it. We can take as much time as we like over this process.



Ask the Holy Spirit to guide the reading of the scripture passage you are going to read.



Slowly read the passage and then pause and be open to God’s presence in your heart. What is this passage saying? 



Listen to what is going on in your heart as you read it a second time, noticing any phrase or word that strikes you.



Use what you have pondered on as a basis for prayer, following any inpiration that may occur to you and asking God to help you act on what you have pondered.



In a spirit of thanksgiving bring the fruit of your prayer into your life and act in whatever way you feel guided to by the Lord.


On the go

We have all seen the rich explosion of opportunities for online praying and growing in the knowledge of our faith over the last few months. Here are a few links to some of the amazing resources that are available to anybody who has access to the internet.

Word on Fire

Bishop Robert Barron’s ‘Word on Fire’ online platform is constantly expanding its offerings. 

Saint Augustine Institute

The Saint Augustine Institute provides study courses as well as a whole range of online materials for growing and deepening of our understanding of the faith.


The Eternal Word Television Network. Many resources from ETWN.

Daily Mass Readings

The scripture passages of today’s Mass provided here on the diocesan site. A prayer to make a spiritual communion is also included for handy access.

Saint Anthony Communications

Some great content made available to watch for free covering a wide range of topics.

Cathechism of the Catholic Church

The whole of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is available on the Vatican website. 


Explore the latest news from around the diocese and beyond

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Patron of the Diocese of Middlesbrough

The celebration for the reconsecration of England to our blessed mother under the title of ‘Our Lady’s Dowry’ perhaps didn’t manifest itself the way we were expecting it to this time last year. Nevertheless, we are now rededicated under that title and – as we know from scripture and from Marian teaching – that brings with it a certain consolation that we are in safe  in her maternal hands.

In our own diocese we are blessed to be under the patronage of our heavenly mother as ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help’. The icon above shows her Divine Son in her arms and it is a constant reminder to us that we too are held secure in her arms. We ask her prayers for the whole world at this time and in a particular way for our own diocese.

'It was through the “fiat” the “yes” of the Virgin Mary that the Incarnation took place. Mary is very much our model.....Through her faith, she disposed herself to allow the Word of God to become flesh in her.'

Bishop Terry Drainey – Bishop of Middlesbrough

'Our Lady [of Perpetual Succour] heard my prayer and vouchsafed me a miraculous cure of......which has.....caused me much trouble and suffering, and has been a sad drawback to me in my work. The cure was instantaneous and complete.'

Bishop Richard Lacy – 1st Bishop of Middlesbrough

‘It is my prayer.....that devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in this church and elsewhere, may continue.....showing to many the limitless mercy of God for us all, His little ones, and made manifest in Jesus Christ our Lord.’

Cardinal Vincent Nichols – Archbishop of Westminster

‘Make her known to the whole world!'

Pope Pius IX


Do you think you are called to the priesthood?

Last September we celebrated the ordination to the priesthood of Fr Peter Taylor. It was a day of great joy to see his witness, that of his family and friends as well as the whole diocese.


If you wish to find out more about pursuing a potential vocation to the priesthood or religious life, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our vocations director Fr William Massie:

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Diocesan Curial Offices
50a The Avenue, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough TS5 6QT, UK

50a The Avenue, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS5 6QT

Saint Mary's Cathedral
Cathedral House, Dalby Way, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough TS8 0TW, UK

Dalby Way, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough.

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