Moral and Social Teaching

Justice will dwell in the desert and righteousness live in the fertile field

Isaiah 32:16

M1 Catholic Faith and Social Justice

One session
Exploring the key messages of Catholic Social Teaching and how to apply them

M2 How to be a Fair Trade Parish

One session
What is so good about Fair Trade and why should we use Fair Trade products?

M3 Life Issues

One session
The right to life from conception to natural death

M4 War and Peace

One session
An exploration of Church teaching on peace and ‘Just War’

M5 Sexual Ethics

One session
An introduction to Church teaching on sexual ethics, based upon Pope John Paul ll’s Theology of the Body

M6 Jewish-Christian relations

One session
Our Christian roots are buried deep within Judaism. An opportunity to explore and appreciate this vital element of our Christian heritage

M7 Behind the Prison Wall

One session
A workshop exploring how the Church can contribute to the national debate on the treatment of prisoners, help resettlement on release, help prevent reoffending and welcome ex-prisoners into the Parish community.

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