Pastoral Care and Community

Christ has no body now on earth but yours; yours are the only hands with which he can do his work…

Teresa of Avila

P1 Setting up a Parish (Pastoral) Council

One session
Working with an existing or embryonic group to explore the issues that need to be addressed in establishing a PPC in our parishes (may lead to a further 3 sessions)
Kit Dollard

P2 Revisioning a Parish (Pastoral) Council

One session
All organizations have a natural life-cycle. This workshop will explore how existing PPC’S can be refreshed, re-energised and re-focused for the task
Kit and Caroline Dollard

P3 A Welcoming Community?

One session
The important parish ministry of welcome and hospitality
Jane Cook

P4 ‘Home is a Holy Place’

One session
Seeing, knowing and responding to God’s presence in our home and family
Jane Cook

P5 How to lead Adult Groups

One session
Examination of the skills, qualities and techniques required
Kit Dollard

P6 Working with Young People in the Parish

One session
Ideas and guidance for working with young people in individual parishes

P7 ‘Are you listening?’

One session
An introduction to listening skills to invigorate pastoral care
Rev Vincent Purcell

P8 Pastoral Care of Migrant Workers

One session
How the parish might join forces with other Christians, the Local Authority and other agencies to support migrant workers (especially Central and Eastern European)
Father Tim Bywater

P9 Introduction to Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

A full day (Because of the cost of materials there is a charge of £15 per head)
MTBI is one of the oldest, widely used and most respected instruments for self-awareness. It will help to explore how one gathers information and makes decisions. It will reveal how participants focus their attention and prefer to live their life, and help improve communication and understanding of conflict in relationships

Kit Dollard

P10 “Death – A Friendly Companion”

Three sessions
A gentle pastoral and practical approach to bereavement, death and funerals
Father Neil McNicholas

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