The Bar Convent in York – Photo by Gareth Buddo
Oct, 2023
Behind the Scenes of the turmoil, suspicion, persecution and tragedy

Bar Convent York will be inviting the public to find the answers to some clues and discover the secrets that helped to save the Catholics from being caught by their persecutors. 
Secrets such as objects concealed in everyday household items, priests hiding holes, which can be found within the Bar Convent.
Invisible ink was used to write the secret letters sent by Mary Ward, but how did the recipients read them? Follow the trail and find the answers.  
Explore the collections to uncover the ways that Catholics kept their true religion hidden from the authorities to avoid arrest or death.
Discover why Father Edward Oldcorne was hanged, drawn and quartered in the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot.
His crucifix is now on display in the exhibition, it is the only item to survive the raids on Catholic properties.    
On November 5 1605, the day of the state opening of parliament, Guy Fawkes of York was discovered preparing to light a fuse on 36 barrels of gunpowder, which had been hidden under the Houses of Parliament in London.
Had he succeeded in his mission to blow up parliament he would have wiped out the entire royal family, the House of Lords and House of Commons. 
What was Edward Oldcorne’s connection to Guy Fawkes? How did the Bar Convent manage to build an illegal chapel in the middle of York during these times without being caught?
You can find out all the answers by coming along to the Bar Convent York Hide & Seek Exhibition, until November 5.
Exhibition entrance is £6, trail included.

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