Feb, 2020
Bishop Terry’s February 2020 Voice Column

I’m always glad when we get to February. Although it can throw the worst of winter’s weather at us, at least we are moving away from the dark and into the light, from the winter into early spring, from the bleak into the not-so-bleak.

The lengthening of the days becomes more noticeable as the month progresses. Also we move from the feasts surrounding the Incarnation (Christmas, Epiphany, the Baptism, the Presentation) into the feasts of our Redemption beginning with Lent on Ash Wednesday, the last Wednesday of the month.

During the period of Lent we are called to spend more time listening and reflecting on the Word of God, this is especially so in this Year of the Word as we listen to “the God who speaks.” Next month, March, I will spend an evening in each of the deaneries of the diocese talking about and providing an opportunity for Lectio Divina. Lectio is a way of allowing the Word of God to speak to our hearts and to change our lives. The following are the dates and the venues. It is open to all people of all ages who want to listen and encounter the God who speaks to us.

  • Tuesday March 3 – St Mary’s Cathedral, Coulby Newham at 7pm.
  • Wednesday March 4 – St Augustine’s School, Sandybed Lane, Scarborough at 7pm.
  • Wednesday March 11 – Our Lady of Lourdes and St Peter Chanel, Cottingham Road, Hull at 7pm.
  • Thursday March 12 – English Martyrs, Dalton Terrace, York at 7pm.

It would be good to see as many of you at these events as possible. We will finish by 9pm. Let me be your Lenten penance!

Also this year, as we prepare to celebrate the great events through which we were redeemed, we are preparing to personally rededicate England as the Dowry of Mary. On February 21 all Catholics, and anybody else who wants to join in, will be invited to begin a personal 33-day consecration to Jesus through Mary following the method of St Louis de Montfort.

This includes an invitation to go to the Sacrament of Confession. Free books will be sent from the shrine, on request, written by Father Michael Gaitley entitled, 33 Days to Morning Glory. These have been distributed throughout the tour: shop.walsingham.org.uk/ 33-days-to-morning-glory

Wednesday March 25 2020 (the Feast of the Annunciation): All who are following the consecration will consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary on this day.

Thursday March 26–Saturday March 28 2020: A three-day triduum of prayer in which all will be invited to recite the litany of Saints and Martyrs of England, pray the Rosary and go to Confession in preparation for the rededication.

Sunday March 29 2020: A personal rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary. This will be done in Westminster, Walsingham, every cathedral, every parish, and as many homes as possible. It is a personal rededication following the guidelines in the book The Angelus Promise, which can be obtained from the shrine (see the link above).

Yours in Blessed Hope,


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