[gn_box title=”The Episcopal Vicariate for Clergy” color=”#333333″]

Very Rev Canon David Grant, EV Episcopal Vicar


[gn_box title=”The Episcopal Vicariate for Religious” color=”#666666″]

Very Rev Adrian Convery, OSB, MA

Ampleforth Abbey, York YO62 4EN

Tel: 01439 766774


[gn_box title=”Bishop’s Delegate for Religious” color=”#333333″]

Sr Moira Grainger, RSM

St Joseph’s Convent, West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorks YO21 3HT

Tel: 01947 604532


[gn_box title=”Diocesan Vocations Director” color=”#666666″]

Rev William Massie

115 Cottingham Road, Hull HU5 2DH

Tel: 01482 343216


[gn_box title=”Diocesan Vocations Team” color=”#333333″]

Rev William Massie



Team Members

Rev John Wood (Permanent Diaconate Director)Rev Paul Dowling (Promoter)Rev Oswald McBride, OSB

Rev. John SteelSr Brenda Matterson, DCMr Sean Conway

Gary NorrisMick Thorpe

Vocations Office: Tel 01642 850505 ext 258

[gn_box title=”Permanent Diaconate Director” color=”#666666″]

Rev John Wood, BSc

Sacred Heart Presbytery, 280 Southcoates Lane, Hull HU9 3AP

Tel: 01482 376332

Deacon Director of the Permanent Diaconate


[gn_box title=”Retired Priests’ Welfare Committee” color=”#333333″]

Very Rev Canon David Grant


Dr Jim WhistonSecretary

Rt Rev Canon Mgr G Dasey, VG

Rt Rev Mgr DC Hogan, JCL, KCHS

Rev Deacon C Larwood

Rev Deacon R Hall


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