Diocesan Archives


Diocesan Archivist: Mr David Smallwood

Curial Offices, 50A The Avenue, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough TS5 6QT
Telephone: 01642 850505 ext 238
E-mail: archives@rcdmidd.org.uk


Middlesbrough Diocesan Archive is the main central repository for historical records relating to the diocese and the churches within its present boundaries. As well as primary sources documents, the archives contain an extensive library of books on Catholic Church history. While this is a private collection, not open to the public on a regular basis, enquiries are welcome and the archivist will do his best to answer queries either by letter or by arranging a visit to view records. Contact may be established in the first instance by writing to the archivist at the above address or by email or by leaving a telephone message.

Enquiries are welcome and the archivist will do his best to answer these either by letter or by arranging for enquirers to visit the archives and view records for themselves. For those researching family histories it should be pointed out that although many older sacramental registers are held here others remain in parishes. Please note also that a fee will be charged for searches carried out on behalf of enquirers at a rate of £20 per hour, or part thereof. There is no charge for visitors to the archives who carry out their own searches, nor for baptismal certificates needed for the purpose of marriage.

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