Father Bill Serplus on his coastal walk
Apr, 2021
Father Bill Tops Half A Million Steps For CAFOD
Father Bill Serplus continued throughout Lent with his support for CAFOD’s Walk for Water appeal, completing a total of 524,668 steps and raising a magnificent £2,140 from parishioners and their friends.

St Aelred’s, York, parishioner Kath Stubbs tells us more…

Not only did Father Bill raise this magnificent sum for CAFOD, the stability in his ankles also improved, which certainly helped his walking.

Without water, life cannot exist. We have all seen appeals where poor people are having to walk for miles to get access to drinking water, something we all take for granted. The money raised will go towards areas in the world where it is desperately needed.

Father Bill’s exploits also encouraged other parishioners to walk throughout Lent, perhaps not managing the 10,000 steps each day but, nevertheless, setting their own challenges.

Having set off at 6.30am each day, Father Bill looked forward to a later sleep on Easter Sunday morning!

We wonder what his next challenge be?

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