St Ignatius Loyola
May, 2021
Jesuit Centre Unveils New Courses

The London Jesuit Centre has announced a programme of events, courses and retreats.

The centre is the new home for the Ignatian Spirituality Course (ISC), an ecumenical three-year part-time training course in spiritual direction.

In addition to the usual in-person course, which has been running for 40 years, a new online version will start in September. 

The ISC is also running a one-year top-up course for experienced directors from September. There is an online Open Morning on Tuesday May 18  from 11am to 1pm for anyone interested in finding out more. 

Thursday May 20 marks the 500th anniversary of the moment a French cannonball ripped through the legs of St Ignatius Loyola (pictured), setting in train events which would change his life and have an extraordinary impact on the world. 

Father Adrian Porter SJ offers an hour reflection on Ignatius’ new way of relating to God on the day of anniversary.

Dr Paolo Beltrame SJ will speak about recent discoveries in particle physics in a new series of three talks on Physics: The Never-Ending Challenge of the Unknown on May 14, 21 and 28.

Vron Smith and Dr Kate Stogdon offer two one-day workshops on Listening Skills for those in ministry, spiritual direction, or simply for people wanting to improve their attentiveness to others, on June 2 and 9.

For those engaged in spiritual direction, retreat leading, and pastoral ministry, there is a new programme of Manresa Days

Healthy Spiritual Direction and Understanding Spiritual Abuse with Dr Lisa Oakley on May 21.

Psychological Issues in Spiritual Direction with Dr Roger Dawson SJ on June 8.

Consolation and desolation with Fr Paul Nicholson SJ on June 19.

Scripture passages for use in spiritual direction and retreats with Brian Purfield on July 8.

You will find a full list of events, courses and retreats at

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