Let Us Be At Peace

A gospel reflection and appeal from CAFOD…

All of us are familiar with fear and how it can spread among us. After Jesus’ death, the disciples were holed up, together in a room, afraid of the authorities. We get a sense that they were in a tight space, feeding off each other’s fear.

As we come to terms with this new world we’re living in, we can perhaps empathise with the disciples and that fearful time they were facing. We are dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic. Like the disciples at that time, we are confined indoors. The future may seem uncertain.

When Jesus appeared to the disciples and showed them his hands and his side, they were filled with joy, not fear. Even Thomas, who doubted at first, came to believe when he felt Jesus’ wounds. Jesus is living proof that death and fear have no power over the life he brings.

In the face of this pandemic, we can draw closer to God. Being on lockdown isn’t separation from God, it’s a chance to grow nearer to him and to one another.

Let us be at peace in the knowledge that even at the height of fear, Jesus is here with us through it all.

Lord Jesus, as we see the devastating impact of the coronavirus around the world, be with us when we are afraid. Conjure in us the conviction to unite together in this struggle and foster a united global response. Amen.

Would you like to help CAFOD’s response to the coronavirus crisis?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now spread worldwide, with confirmed cases in several countries where we work. Its spread to countries with poor health systems will be devastating. Our local experts need your support to continue protecting lives.


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