National Rosary Relay Takes Place This Sunday

On Sunday (May 30) – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity – our diocese is joining others across the British Isles in a National Rosary Relay Rally for Faith, Life and Peace.

The all-day event begins in Arundel and Brighton at 9am, with our hour coming towards the end of the day at 7pm before the final hour, from the Syro Malabar Eparchy, at 8pm.

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Prayers will be offered up for our family intentions, for the peace of nations and conversion to Christ. 

“Our core intentions are for a renewal of faith, life and peace,” said organiser Antonia Moffatt, from the Our Lady’s shrine at Walsingham.

“In this Year of St Joseph, we pray to invoke the special protection of the Holy Family upon our Church, our families, communities, schools, nations and the global family.

“We continue to pray for the cure of the global pandemic, for those who have died, for those who grieve and for all who care for the sick and the dying.

“Please highlight your diocesan Rosary Hour in your parishes and among family and friends.”

You can follow the day of prayer here on Facebook.


Full programme

Diocese of Arundel and Brighton – 9am to 10am

Bishopric of the Forces – 9am to 10am

Archdiocese of Birmingham – 10am to 11am

Diocese of Nottingham – 10am to 11am

Ukrainian Eparchy – 10am to 11am

Diocese of Brentwood – 11am to noon

Diocese of Plymouth – 11am to noon

Diocese of Portsmouth – Noon to 1pm

Diocese of Clifton – 1pm to 2pm

Diocese of Salford – 1pm to 2pm

Diocese of East Anglia – 2pm to 3pm

Diocese of Hallam – 2pm to 3pm

Diocese of Shrewsbury – 2pm to 3pm

Archdiocese of Southwark – 3pm to 4pm

Diocese of Northampton – 3pm to 4pm

Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle – 4pm to 5pm

Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham – 4pm to 5pm

Archdiocese of Westminster – 5pm to 6pm

Diocese of Lancaster – 5pm to 6pm

Diocese of Leeds – 6pm to 7pm

Polish Catholic Mission – 6pm to 7pm

Archdiocese of Liverpool – 7pm to 8pm

Diocese of Middlesbrough – 7pm to 8pm

Syro Malabar Eparchy – 8pm to 9pm

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