The Postgate Society, which aims to spread knowledge of and devotion to Martyr of the Moors Blessed Nicholas Postgate, has launched a new website.

As well as giving a detailed account of the life of Blessed Nicholas Postgate, it contains information about the society’s activities, including meetings, newsletters and other publications.

There are photographs from past Postgate Rallies.

Father Postgate ministered to Catholics across the North York Moors before being arrested while baptising a child near Sleights in 1678.

He was taken to York and imprisoned before being put to death on what is now the site of York Racecourse.

His last words on the scaffold were recorded in a contemporary newspaper.

“Mr Sheriff, you know that I die not for the plot but for my religion,” he said. “I pray God bless the king and the royal family.

“Mr Sheriff, I pray you tell the king that I never offended him in any way. I pray God give him his grace, and the light of truth. I forgive all that have wronged me and brought me to this death, and I desire forgiveness of all people.”

The Postgate Society also encourages devotion to other martyrs and those who kept the faith alive during penal times and the study of our area’s rich Catholic history.

Visit the website at

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