The Chrism Mass 2023 at St Mary's Cathedral – Photo by Michael McGeary
Special collection for our retired priests

United as a spiritual family, we are all eager to express our deep appreciation for the retired clergy who have dedicated their lives to nurturing our faith.

As we extend our heartfelt thanks, we also acknowledge the increasing challenges faced by these wise shepherds in their well-earned retirement.

The Retired Priests Welfare Fund is not just a financial initiative, but a tangible display of our collective commitment to care for those who have shaped our spiritual journey.

The growing number of retired clergy brings with it escalating costs – expenses for healthcare, housing and daily necessities that demand our attention and support.

In the spirit of our gratitude, we announce a special collection in every church on the weekend of March 9 and 10 – this is an opportunity for each parishioner to contribute to the Retired Priests Welfare Fund.

This second collection, a longstanding tradition of our diocese, represents more than a monetary offering. It symbolises our unwavering dedication to ensuring our retired clergy enjoy their golden years in comfort and dignity.

On the same weekend, parishes will distribute bookmarks, carrying not only our gratitude for the countless hours, prayers and wisdom shared, but a reminder of our ongoing commitment to addressing the evolving needs of our retired clergy.

Together, let us transform our appreciation into action, navigating the challenges of rising costs with grace, and ensuring our retired clergy are surrounded by the warmth of our support.

For those wishing to contribute directly, you can make donations to the Retired Priests Welfare Fund account (Diocese of Middlesbrough, Sort Code 20-56-90, Account No 50421049), or through the QR code on this page. For further details, contact me at

Dan Woodgate
Fundraising Officer

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