Three Concrete Ways You Can Help The Afghan People

People around the world have been shocked by the news and distressing images we have seen coming out of Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.

Afghan families are now feeling scared and abandoned. People are displaced inside their own country, while others have fled to neighbouring countries. Millions are in need of emergency food, water and shelter.

If you are concerned and wondering how you can be of help to them, CAFOD invites you to:

  • Donate to our Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

Afghan families displaced inside the country and those who have reached neighbouring countries need humanitarian assistance – the basics of life: food, water and shelter. 

Your generosity and compassion have allowed us to stand together with communities in Afghanistan for decades, and we will continue to do so.

Please click here to donate to our Afghanistan Crisis Appeal.

  • Ask your MP to support refugees fleeing Afghanistan

You can write to your MP today to ensure parliament does all it can to ensure safe passage for those fleeing Afghanistan, reforms our refugee and asylum system so that the UK can be a place of sanctuary, and immediately increases aid spending to aid agencies and civil society groups working in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries.  

  • Pray with us

Our prayer as a global community is more important than ever. You can join us to pray for our brothers and sisters caught up in this crisis.

Please click here to view CAFOD’s prayer for help.

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