Veronica Kennedy, Headteacher, writes,

Here at St George’s RC School in Scarborough, all is well. Here is an update of our work so far this term.

School Council members are:-

  • Year 6 Katie Farnaby, Lucy Alexander, Thomas Johnson
  • Year 5 Ethan Swales and Molly Swales
  • Year 4 Brandon Clayton and Casey Holt
  • Year 3 Alexia Baker and Tobiasz Lukaszek
  • Year 2 Alex Swales and Ellie Caw

Class news

Reception Class

Foundation Stage are looking at the environment and the world around them; that changes to the weather can make. They have been busy learning that water freezes and becomes ice and that ice melts. The children put ice cubes in their water tray to see how ice can make temperature drop. They have been playing in the snow and then making snowy pictures. They are using the computer to design seasonal pictures. They have been sticking with glue to make spring flowers and sticking their snowmen together with split pins. To try another new medium, they will be using staples to make dragons – celebrating Chinese New Year. Once they finish these investigations then their new topic will be ‘New Life in Spring’.

Year 1/2 Class news

Children in Mrs Barron’s class are very enthusiastic about their topic of pirates and have each given themselves a pirate nickname, for example, Scarlett is known as ‘Firehead Bain’. They are busy designing sails for the ships. They love this topic so much that during Golden Time, they are choosing to have pirate role play, playing pirate games and using treasure maps and chests!

Year 3/4 Class News

Year 3/4s Spring term topic is about Chembakolli, a village in India.

This is mainly a geography based topic which explores the diverse culture and landscape of India.

The children will investigate the history of the Adavsi people, the original, native inhabitants of this region. They will learn how they lost the right to cultivate and inhabit their own land because rich landowners wanted to use the land to grow vast tea plantations. They will think about and react to the social implications of issues like this through drama, writing and art work. They will learn about how in the 1980s the Adavasi people grouped together and regained their land, which they now cultivate and care for themselves with the help of the Fairtrade co-operative.

The magic of traditional Indian myths, such as Rama and Sita, captivate children of all ages. The 3/4s have already written their own Indian style myth after being inspired by the story and are designing some traditional Rangoli patterns in art. They hope to make masks for the story and even have a go at some Bollywood dancing (Jai Ho!) to add to the atmosphere! We already have brightly coloured peacocks, the national bird of India, hanging from the ceiling.

Of course, food can’t be neglected! So we are hoping to make some traditional Indian sweets and if possible, have a taste of some delicious curry!

So all in all, the 3/4s are in for an exciting adventure into a fascinating different culture.

Year 5/6

Children in Miss Roberts’ class are very much enjoying their new topic ‘Rain Forests’. They are studying the life cycles and types of living creatures that inhabit this environment. They are keen to learn about eco systems and weather conditions that may affect this environment. They will be learning the processes involved in afforestation, which is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where the preceding vegetation or land use was not forest, and that reforestation is the reestablishment of forest cover either naturally (by natural seeding, coppice, or root suckers) or artificially (by direct seeding or planting), usually maintaining a same or similar forest type. They have been painting with watercolours their own pictures of exotic birds.

To increase their overall fitness levels, Miss Roberts’ class has been exercising daily in the school hall, using circuit training following a specific and individual programme. Each child has a personal target and all are encouraged to test their speed and stamina daily.

I think that’s all for now.