Mar, 2020
A Prayer For Help And Healing

A special prayer for help and healing during the coronavirus pandemic…


Father in Heaven, have mercy on us and on the whole world. We come to you today with our fears and concerns. You know what is in our hearts. 

We love you, we trust you, we need you. We ask you to be with us, to stay with us. Help us through these times of uncertainty and sorrow.

We know you are the Divine Physician, the healer of all. We ask you to bring your loving touch and healing presence to all those who are sick and suffering right now from the coronavirus. Please comfort them.

Please stand at the side of all medical professionals who are putting themselves at risk while they work to bring healing to others.

Please have mercy on those who have died, may they be with You in heaven.

Please be with the grieving families of those who have passed away.

Please be with those who are trying to find a remedy to this pandemic.

Lord, we are afraid and we are sorrowful. Please heal us. Send us your peace and overwhelming presence.

(if you have a special intention mention it here)

Jesus, we thirst for you. You chose to enter this world as a vulnerable baby. Be with the most vulnerable now. Help us to continue to return to you with our whole hearts throughout this ordeal. Amen.

Mary, Our Mother, Untier of Knots: Pray for us.
St Anthony the Great, patron of those affected by infectious diseases: Pray for us.
St Edmund, patron of the victims of pandemics: Pray for us.
St Damien of Molokai, who put himself at risk to minister to lepers: Pray for us.
St Anthony the Great, patron of those affected by infectious diseases: Pray for us!
St Roch, who prayed for those suffering from infectious diseases: Pray for us.
St Joseph, patron of the dying: Pray for us.
St Jude and St. Rita, patrons of impossible causes: Pray for us.
St Frances Xavier Cabrini, who was dedicated to caring for the sick: Pray for us.

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