Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust Advent Carol Service at St Mary's Cathedral in Coulby Newham – Photo by Chris Booth
Sycamore invites you to four-week Advent course

Sycamore, which produces resources about the Christian faith and its relevance for life today, is offering a four-week Advent course. 

The course is for practising Christians or people with some Christian background who wish to renew their faith in the Season of Advent. For use in settings such as churches, parishes, school staff rooms and school parent groups.

The focus of these sessions is on our search for God in life (Film 1) and in prayer (Film 8), and how God reaches out to us in history (Film 3) and through the Bible (Film 6).

(1) THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS [“Film 1” in Series: click here to view]

The impossibility of sitting still. What is happiness? How to press the pause button.

(2) A GOD WHO SPEAKS? [“Film 3” in Series: click here to view]

The hiddenness of God. When God broke the silence. Discovering the face of God.

(3) THE BIBLE [“Film 6” in Series: click here to view]

What is the Bible? Can we trust the Bible? How the bible can change your life.

(4) THE POWER OF PRAYER [“Film 8” in Series: click here to view]

What is prayer? Does prayer make a difference? How to pray.

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Sycamore offers space to meet other people, share ideas, explore your beliefs, and think about questions that really matter.

Sycamore groups meet in person or online. Each session involves a short film and some time for discussion. There’s no pressure. You can be yourself without any fear of being judged.

There’s a real sense of community, a spirit of friendship, some great conversation, and often some delicious food. Everyone is welcome.

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