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May, 2024
Bishop Terry’s May Voice column

On May 25 and 26 the first World Children’s Day takes place at St Peter’s. For the first time ever, the Pope has invited thousands of children from across the world to come to Rome to get to know one another, to play and to pray together.

As you can read in the main story on this page, the idea for this special day came from a nine-year-old boy called Alessandro. Alessandro sent a message to Pope Francis, saying how good it would be if children from different countries could come together as sisters and brothers. A World Children’s Day would remind us that we all belong to God’s family and encourage us to pray and work together for peace.

The Pope has invited children from around the world, from different religions and cultures, and also children who live in war zones, so that everyone can learn from each other and grow in friendship. Pope Francis doesn’t want only the children who can travel to Rome to be part of World Children’s Day. He wants all children everywhere to pray and celebrate together too. So, let’s keep this day in our prayers and thoughts, and encourage our schools to take the idea forward.

Several of our priests are celebrating important milestones in their priesthood, 40 years (ruby jubilee) and 50 years (golden jubilee). I am sure we all join together in congratulating them on so many years of blest and fruitful ministry among us – golden jubilees: Rev Timothy Bywater, Very Rev Canon Jeremiah Twomey, Rt Rev Monsignor Canon David Hogan, Rev Vincent Docherty, and ruby jubilee: Very Rev Canon John Loughlin.

As we reflect on their journey, we can also remember in our prayers those who are just at the beginning of discerning God’s call for them in ministry – Chris Carling is finishing his foundational year at the Royal English College Valladolid in Spain; Nicholas Trott and Oliver Sanderson will begin their journey of discernment similarly in September.
Also two new candidates for the permanent diaconate will begin their training likewise in September – Mark Good and Mark Dias. Please keep in your prayers the three other candidates for the permanent diaconate beginning their third year of training – James Nevison, Tom Rolfe and Rob Colombari. And last, but certainly not least, keep in your prayers Deacon Steven Leightell who, God willing, will be ordained to priesthood at the cathedral on Saturday July 13.

In blessed hope,

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