GodCalls Adventure
Free course to help you grow in holiness

GodCalls Adventure, from the National Office for Vocation, is a free, 40-day self-guided course that aims to help you grow in holiness and root each day in prayer.

There are downloadable recourses to guide you in how to plan your days putting God at the centre of your life, engage in prolonged prayer and journal your progress.

They focus on cultivating different virtues, ranging from meekness to purity, gratitude to courage.

There is also guidance on using the Bible, how to pray and reflect with the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross.

Join the private Facebook group where you can find support and fellowship, (type GodCalls Adventure into the search bar in Facebook to join).

GodCalls Adventure is not just for Lent – try the 40 days at any point of the year.


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