Feb, 2019
Sharing Hope In Crisis Seminar

The Diocese of Middlesbrough and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in the UK are pleased to invite you to attend their one-day Sharing Hope In Crisis seminar in Hull.

This invaluable training opportunity will help prepare you to serve people in crisis, enhancing your existing ministry within your church and the wider community.

Those with no previous training, as well as first responders, church leaders and others meeting suffering people more regularly should all benefit from this seminar, which includes:

  • Developing personal and professional skills to enhance your service to others
  • A biblical view of suffering
  • Effects of trauma and the process of grief
  • How to provide emotional and spiritual care
  • What to say and what not to say when people grieve
  • Learning about the Rapid Response Team ministry

The event takes place on Saturday April 6 at St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre, 96 Annandale Road, Hull HU9 4LA.

Registration is from 9am with an anticipated finish at 4.30pm. Visit the Rapid Response Team ministry at billygraham.org.uk/rapid-response-team/training/ and enter your details to register.

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