Talk Examines Link Between Conflict And Climate Change

The Justice and Peace Commission is delighted to welcome Pax Christi England and Wales schools and youth education officer Aisling Griffin as the speaker for its January meeting, which will be held via Zoom.

Since joining Pax Christi, part of Aisling’s work has been on the issues of militarism and the arms trade, and she is currently exploring the link between conflict and climate change.

“Despite the undeniable contribution of the world’s militaries to climate change, it’s a topic that’s not often discussed,” she says.

“In this interactive, online session we will be exploring how climate change, conflict, military emissions and arms are all interconnected. We will consider what security means in the face of the climate crisis and reflect on how we can respond as people of faith.”

The online meeting – entitled “Climate Change, Arms and Conflict: What does security mean in a time of climate crisis?” – will take place on Saturday January 15 between 11am and 12.30pm.

All are welcome. To register, please email Barbara Hungin at A Zoom link will be sent out nearer to the date.

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