Bible Study at English Martyrs, York

The monthly Bible study sessions get under way again at English Martyrs Church Hall in Dalton Terrace, York, following the recent Lent study course shared with Our Lady’s parish. Again a shared set of occasions, they are informally structured and genuinely welcoming to all who would like to attend. Starting time is 7.30 pm with a cup of tea or coffee to ease participants into the evening.

The theme of St Matthew’s Gospel continues, concentrating mostly on those readings used during this year’s liturgy. However, the first session, on 13th May, deviates slightly, with the intriguing title “The missing Matthew – passages you won’t hear on a Sunday!

The programme continues with dates and titles as follows:

  • 10th June – Matthew 10:7-13 and 37-42; 11:25-30
  • 8th July – Matthew 13:1-23, 24-43, 44-52; 14:13-21 and 22-33
  • 12th August – Matthew 15:21-28, 16:13-20 and 21-27; 18:15-20
  • 9th September – Matthew: 18:21-35; 20:1-16; 21:28-32 and 33-34; 22:1-14

Please come along if you can, even if you can only get to one session!

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