Bishop of East Anglia Alan Hopes
Bishop Praises Actions Of Frontline Workers

“Actions speak louder than words.” was the message of Bishop of East Anglia Alan Hopes as he celebrated a Mass at St John’s Cathedral in Norwich to show spiritual solidarity with frontline medical, care and voluntary workers across the country.

“The Lord Jesus teaches us by his life and by the words of the Gospel, that our deeds are more important than a passing sentiment: our actions speak louder than words.

“We give thanks to God for his works of grace during these last three months. I would like to thank all those who have responded to God’s call to ‘love each other with a profound respect.’ You have responded generously to those in need by dutiful service and humble sacrifice,” said Bishop Alan.

Bishop Alan was speaking during the latest in a weekly series of online Masses from the Catholic bishops of England and Wales in recognition that this time of the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every person in the countries.

“Storms come to every single age in human history. We are no different in what we face than our ancestors. And trials will come, also, to future generations,” he said.

“When trials do come, the apostle reminds us that we should not give up, but instead stick to prayer. Because in speaking with God, in making friends with him, we allow his grace to build up the virtues of faith, hope and love within us.”

A recording of the Mass can be seen at:

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