Bishop Recommends New Domestic Abuse Help Guide

Bishop Terry has issued a Note of Recommendation for a new Domestic Abuse Booklet issued by the National Board of Catholic Women, which is available here.

The booklet contains current information supported by Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales Dame Vera Baird and one hard copy will also be sent to each parish in the diocese.

Bishop Terry writes…

Since the beginning of lockdown, the number of cases of domestic abuse has increased alarmingly. It was already high, but the conditions imposed on some by the pandemic has exacerbated the situation.

I am grateful to the National Board of Catholic Women for producing this booklet “Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse” in this most timely fashion. While informing us statically, it also helps us to see what effects this terrible crime has on individual’s lives.

It poses the questions that many of us want to ask, and offers practical guidance and advice, clearly explaining the Church’s teaching on this matter. 

I recommend this booklet to you, not only to help to inform you but as a ready resource to raise awareness and ways of support.

Yours in blessed hope

Rt Rev Terence Patrick Drainey

Bishop of Middlesbrough


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